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Sq’éwlets Families

Like our Stό:lō relatives, we come from many generations of longhouse people. Many of our families lived together under the same roof. Today we live in separate houses, but we are still connected through close extended families. Many of our family trees are huge. We count our relations through both our mother and father’s family lines. Today as in the past, grandparents, uncles and aunties pitch in to raise our children. We also count family connections through the families who take part in our winter dance longhouses.

Today we have about 300 Sq’éwlets members living in the community. As in the past, our Sq’éwlets family genealogies extend throughout the region and beyond. At right you will see a series of maps showing where Sq’éwlets families and members beyond the community live today. Many families live throughout the Fraser River region, other families have moved across Canada, still others live internationally.

Our Interconnected Communities

British Columbia - Canada

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Gallery of Sq’éwlets Families

These photos include contemporary portraits of Sq’éwlets families and members and historical photos shared by Sq’éwlets members. We focus on those living in the community today who have contributed to this project.