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Sq'éwlets Sxwōxwiyám (Clarence Pennier)

Sq'éwlets Sxxwiyám (Clarence Pennier)

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[Clarence Pennier]: You know, we learn about how it is we exist in this territory. We learn about some of the things that happened to our people. You know, from the beginning, we learn about how Xa:ls has travelled throughout the territory and going meeting people and, uh, some of those people would challenge him on his powers, and he would turn them into stone. And leave those landmarks as a lesson to us today and the other people that come after us that there are lessons to be learned. If you’re not going to listen or you’re not going to be a good person, then you can be turned into stone, and you’re there forever. So, you know, so that happened throughout different parts of the territory. And he left some other landmarks as well. Some of the animals and, I guess the other part is the cedar tree and the many uses it has for us in terms of our ceremonies, and its uses for us, so. Those kinds of stories our people need to hear more about.

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