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Where Two Rivers Meet (Naxaxalhts'i 'Sonny' McHalsie)

Where Two Rivers Meet (Naxaxalhts'i "Sonny" McHalsie)

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[Lucille Hall]: Yeah it’s such a beautiful place, you know, where the rivers meet. Um, such a glorious, glorious place and it’s such a blessing there.

[Naxaxalhts’i ‘Sonny’ McHalsie]: Here at the mouth of the Harrison River and where the Harrison River and the Fraser River join together. It’s a really amazing and beautiful place to be because you can actually see where the two waters kind of meet and where they actually swirl together. So you can see the blue water, you can see the dark Fraser River water. You can see them kind of swirling together here.

[Andy Phillips]: The geographic location, the Anora Bay here and where the two rivers meet we have a historical history where the waterway was our, uh, roads back then and so we are probably very prosperous tribe before the smallpox epidemic came.

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