Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC)

Plant Harvesting

Ancient Stó:lō peoples made a living harvesting the foods and materials that nature provided. Our ancestors harvested plants throughout the growing season. They enjoyed plant foods fresh and dried. They transformed wood and plant fibres into houses, canoes, artworks, baskets, and other necessary items. We practice many of these activities today. In this section, we describe the most important food and technology plants used by Qithyil villagers.

Douglas-fir cone attached to the branch.
The top portion of a tall conifer surrounded by blue sky.
A close-up of rugged bark.
A long narrow net attached to a frame at the top of a long pole.
A close-up of cells with large and small holes.
Close-up of light grey bark with a patch of green moss growing on it.
A large maple leaf growing out of the tree trunk.
A photo looking upwards of a moss-covered maple tree.
Young girl holding a paddle that is as tall as her.
Redcedar cross-section under the microscope
Several trees in a group. All very tall with brown bark, surrounded by other bright green plants.
Close-up of shaggy reddish-grey bark.
Long, narrow leaves on a narrow tree branch.
A long, narrow strip of red bark is coiled around itself.
Long strips of reddish bark are coiled around and tied together.
Red berries in a cluster.
A large leafy bush in sunlight with bunches of little red berries on it.
Bunches of red berries on the stems of a bush.
Close up of the dark red bunches of berries on the plant, dark green foliage, wet from a recent rainfall.
Ten oblong honey coloured seeds.
Dark purple berries on red stems are growing in a straight line along a branch.
Dark brown angular seeds shown close up.
A large square of thick pressed fruit, with several smaller squares on a cutting board. A knife rests on the corner of the board.
 close-up photograph of many seeds attached into a ball.
A bright purple/pink flower nestled in green foliage.
Orange/red berries rest in the palm of a hand.
Red berry on a branch, with other unripened green berries on the same branch.
An orangey-red berry on a stem against a large scalloped leaf.
A bright purple flower blooms while green berries emerge.
Several heavily patterned seeds in black and white.